over heating fourtrak


hello ive just purchased a 1993 fourtrak tdx 2.8 turbo diesel intercooler on a long run it seems to over heat when coming of the mototway otherwise it runs perfect ive had the radiater cleaned and tested new thermostat and still its the same theres no water in the oil on losing water through the exhaust the heater always blows cold please help ive now run out of ideas

How was the radiator cleaned?

How was the radiator cleaned? Chemically by yourself? This may not be enough. Its amazing how much garbage gets caught internally in the tubes. Was the radiator pulled out of the vehicle when it was cleaned? If not, what condition are the fins in, especially at the bottom front. They can be hard to see, especially behind an air conditioner condensor. If they are crumbly or flaking, they are not cooling efficiently, and its time for a recore.

This is not a comment directed at you personally Mark, but just an overall observation. This is a pretty hot topic, overheating Diesel Fourtraks, so Im sure most who have had this problems will read this thread.
I have frequented Daihatsu Drivers for a couple of years now. In that time, overheating vehicles is probably the most asked about topic I have seen. Its usually accompanied with an explaination like, Wanting to tow 2 tonne trailer/caravan/horse float down motorway at 70MPH ect ect. Guys, these vehicles are not speed machines, designed to haul large loads over long distances at high speeds. The radiator the manufacturer put into them is designed to cool the vehicle under normal driving conditions. Mind you, thats a new radiator we are talking about here. Sure, they factor in an over efficency to deal with things like age, or towing, or partially blocked radiator, ect, ect. But combine a few of these things, Towing, High speed, partially blocked radiator both internally and externally, age, a bullbar with a couple of spotlights, motor running hot, ect ect. They all add their little bit to reducing the cooling efficency of the standard cooling system. Its just something that you need to be mindful of.

By the way, I dont run an engine driven cooling fan on my F75. The motor is cooled sufficently by forward motion. Even when stopped in traffic, it rarely climbs to much more than 1/3 to 1/2. I do have 2 electric fans fitted, with a manual switch, that I can switch on when needed. I regularly tow a camper weighing nearly a tonne. I live in a place with generally a hotter climate than most of you guys. The only time I have to use the fans is if, I am in a hurry towing the camper, usually up a hill where forward motion in slowed and the motor is working harder, or if bogged somewhere for an extended period, and the motor is still running.


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Over heating

Hi, sounds like it could be your water pump. I haven't heard of the problem on Fourtraks but i've seen on other vehicles where the impellor becomes loose on the shaft, so even though the belt is driving the pulley the coolant is not being circulated around the system. The problem may also only appear once the pump gets beyond a certain temperature, as when cold the impellor grips the shaft but when hot the impellor heats up and expands causing the loosening from the shaft. When you remove the pump it may feel ok so give the pulley and impellor a good twist to be sure.

It may also be you cooling fan which should have a slight resistance to turning when cold but as it warms the resistance should increase. The fan usually only affects slow driving as the air flow through the radiator isn't sufficent to carry the heat away, but at motorway speeds the airflow should be great enough.