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hey all, maybe its me but i think i have a issue!

I got stuck the otherday with the manual diff locks on and i only got one wheel on the front spinning and one on the rear....is this correct?

I remember years ago i had a disco and that did the same but it was full time 4wd i think, can anyone help me.

Regards Fridgegod

When you say Manual diff lock

When you say Manual diff locks, do you mean a centre diff lock? I a constant 4wd? If this is the case, the only thing the centre diff lock does is lock the speed of the two tailshafts together. It doesnt do anymore than that. So, if you have open diffs, or even limited slip in the rear, its still possible to get your vehicle crossed up, with a light load on diagonally opposite wheels, and end up stuck with these wheels spinning. The only way to avoid this is to fit cross axle diff locks, like ARB air lockers, Detriot Lockers, ect. Unfortunately, assuming you drive a Daihatsu, no one makes cross axle diff locks for Daihatsus any more. Trac Tech in the States used to make Detriots for the F series Fourtraks, but no longer.

The centre difflock is really a bit of a misnomer, as it does exactly the same thing as the older mnaual transfer cases when they were put into 4H.


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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Thanks Dave

Thanks for that Dave i am a little in the picture now, Yes i have a 1990 foutrak, its the SWB low roof version, unfortunatly last weekend i got a little out of my dept and ended up stuck, but never fear the local grass chewing farmer pulled me out with his john Deere!

Needless to say i was a little red faced!!