Freelander steels compatible??


I've got a mate with a Freelander ( I know, I've told him loads of times to get sensible!!). He's just put some alloys on, and I wondered if his steels from it would fit my fourtrak - Going to test them this week anyway, just wondered if anyone could tell me if they do fit. Also, if it's a go, anyone know a good place in the Midlands area for wheel re-conditioning. Some of the lads at work recommend having them blasted and powder coated - how much should I be paying fir this for 4 wheels.

Could be wronge, but I think

Could be wronge, but I think you'll find they don't fit. Normal Landi certainly doesn't. Suzuki, Lada Niva & CJ (very old) Jeep will.
Also if your going to go to the expence and troble of 'cleaning up' old steelies, I think you might as well bye some new 8 spokes. They arn't that expencive from the 4x4 mags, and come in wider & with better ofsets than basic steels. Much better for stabillity off road.

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