New user saying Hi.


Hello all,

My name's Jon and I thought I'd introduce myself.
First time 4x4 owner - just picked up a '96 Sportrak ELXi
this weekend, it's great fun - well impressed!
Been nosing around here for a bit, thought I'd join up.

Going to give the Sporty a good service, probably roll
my sleeves up and have a go - although it's been a while
since I weilded a spanner in anger. Anything in particular
I should be looking out for? (bit of a broad question I know)

Cheers all,

It's been a few years but finally I get an Indi!

Hi all,

Having had an 88 Commercial and more recently worked for a Daihatsu Garage I am finally the proud owner of a 95 Indy. I've had Rangies, Shoguns, S111's and currently have a Beemer X3 2.0D Company Car. Early retirement (semi) and a move to West Wales prompted me to find something suitable.

I am totally chuffed to have bought a fine looking high miler from Ebay. I hope it is "as described" because I'm collecting it from Yorkshire on Saturday morning then going straight to West Wales and back to Kent by Monday morning!

I noticed a Daihatsu soft type A bar / spotlight holder in a pic. Where can I get one?

Anyway, this will be the first of many posts and I hope you see me, my Indy and the Hippy Whippy Ice Cream Van at a festival or event soon.

The Hippy Whippy Man
Daihatso Fourtrak TDX Indy

The Hippy Whippy Man
Daihatsu Fourtrak TDX Indy
M4 OAF in the Cambrian Mountains