Suspension noise?


Hi Folks,

I've noticed a noise from the suspension when going over bumps
during cornering. It's a cross between a clunk and a groan if you know what I mean.
I've re-greased the front suspension & sterring nipples and knuckles etc which leads me to believe it's possibly something at the rear.
The leaf springs and u-mounts look a bit rusty.
Anyone shed any light?

96 N plate Sporty by the way.


i have a rocky and i have als

i have a rocky and i have also noticed noises coming from the front suspension when i turn real sharp while doing a u turn. it also happens when i have to turn and go over somthing like a bump or when i pull into my driveway. sorry i cant help you out but i thought i would just state that my car is also doing this. i always thought it was just needing to be re-greased.



Its a common noise mate
Its just rubbing up and down on the stops
If you look underneath the car near the wheels you will see some clean metal where it rubs try a bit of grease it should stop the noise

Thats the steering stops Duan

Thats the steering stops Duane is talking about. On the inside of the swivel housing, around the chrome ball at the ends of the front axle, you will see 8 bolts that hold the seal onto the housing. As well, there is one bolt with a lock nut. This is the steering stop adjuster. Chances are, this is the place for the nice shiney rubbed spot. Put a bit of grease on the head of this bolt. On the early Rocky (Fourtraks) this stop meets a small angled piece of metal welded to the back of the axle housing, just near the lower shock mount.


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Yeah thanks for the suggestions, I've greased up all the nipples and
stops up front and the noise is still there.
I think I'll check the leaf spring mounts for tightness and drown the
springs in WD-40 and see what happens...

Next annoying noise to sort is finding someone to weld the rattly
heat shield on the cat. Ho hum!


groan moan.

ah someone who has the same gripe as me. i have tried NEARLY everything to solve this. its not at the front as i have been round it with a fine toothed comb, i think its the rear end of the torsion bars, am greasing mine up soon and will let you know if i have any joy, or, if you beat me to it please put me out of my misery!!