Vegetable Oil SVO conversions



Has anyone run their diesel Fourtrak on Vegetable Oil (SVO) or had a conversion kit fitted that would allow them to do this.

I'm thinking about trying this to save some money and the environment!


Veg oil

I run mine on a 50/50 diesel/filtered wast oil mix and it runs fine, one of these days I will adapt to run on straight WVO with some type of heat exchanger and a second small diesel tank for starting/stopping. I looked at kits from smartveg etc but too expensive at about £600, have you had any cheaper quotes Unknw

veg oil kits

I have looked at the same kit and would consider it if I could fit it myself. However, when fitted by the ssupplying company it's a over a grand which seems a bit expensive.

Veg Oil query

Do you put this mix straight into your tank, or have you had to make any modifications?

Also, I've heard other people on about this saying they fill in a form at tax time to declare how much money they've spent on veg oil.

Do we really need to tell that greedy Scottish git in No. 11 how much money we're not spending on his hideously overpriced dutied fuel?

Cheers, (and no offence meant to the Scots, or Gits, in general!!)

veg oil

the customs and excise seem to take tax avoidance quite seriosly.they also have amore power than the police.they can take your car.veg has a smell of its own so isn,t hard to detect.