Leafsprings going


I have noticed today that my Sportrak seems to have started leaning to extremes when cornering at any speed. The leafsprings are the original ones, and it is a 1995 Sportrak. There is also a clicking when I go over some bumps which seems to come from the back. But I can't see any crack or breaks so thought if there is any then it must be around the middle part where it could be hidden and held together.

If I do need leafsprings how easy are they to replace myself. As it is almost common knowledge on this site now among the *trak owners that Milner are the best for leafsprings, and if its easy enough for someone who is used to working with computer parts rather than car parts to do, then I will order some and do it next weekend or something.

can't help sorry....

..but if you get an answer, let me know - I think I need my springs doing, and I'd like to know how you get on - More used to keyboards now, than the dirty stuff!

PS - did you'all get anything arranged for this 4X4 weekend spotted by Nat? A sporty meet?

leafs and meet

I will let you know. Have had a look at the service manual at the section about the leafsprings and it seems reasonably easy. But it always looks easier than doing it yourself :). Most of it seems to be unbolting and then re bolting everything. Hardest bit I think looks like the removing and replacing the brushes as it mentions using a SST (Special Service Tool). Also not have anything to measure that doing everything up to the right torque.

From what I remember I think in past posts on the old Daihatsu Owners site and maybe on this one couple of people have mentioned using hammers and all sorts, so hopefully a hammer and socket set will get the job done :D.

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if it's connected...

...just replaced my rear shockies - although no-one mentions the rear mounting bolts break very easily (old ones do anyway!). Also the u - bolts are generally easily snappable too. If you got to touch them, maybe should get some spares?

Sorry, don't know about the specifics, but it'd be a bad thing if you're incapacitated by these simple little bits....if you need them

U Bolts and bits

I am planning on getting new U Bolts, etc along with the Leafsprings as I have heard it is best to replace all that aswell because they are usually all shagged aswell. Better to be safe than sorry Smile
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you're way ahead of me

good luck.
PS. is the K&N a notifiable mod for insurance purposes?

Only ask. 'cos I copied your instructions and put one on a couple of weeks ago.

K&N and Insurance

It isn't from what I gather. I haven't delcared mine and if you do ever have the situation where insurance company has to come out and look over your car you can just act dumb, say Sportraks had K&N's as standard from 199* or put back in the old air filter.
If you had a K&N and performance exhaust (have only found them available in Australia for the Sportrak). Then I would say it would be notifiable because would increase your performance a lot more than it does atm.

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Meet at National 4x4 show

Hi Bort,

Im going tomorrow (sunday) to Trentham gardens. I know Lurch was planning on going tomorrow but not sure if thats definate?? If anyone is going let me kno & i'll keep my eyes open - my car is a metallic red Sportrak, M Reg (pic in gallery), and it'll hopefully be going round the off-road course at some point!!!

Anyone else going??


I might go

Depending what time I wake up I may go. Though they don't give much detail about where exactly around Stoke-on-Trent it is. Well not enough for multimap.com to help me anyway.

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4x4 show directions

go up the M6, off at junction 15, towards stoke, and by this time you'll see the brown signs for Trentham Gardens. Can't remember exactly where it is, but i think you take a right onto the A 34 and its off that.

It's signed from the mototway, and you really can't miss it - its a huge place!

Im hoping to set off in a minute. I'll keep my eyes open for Sporty's!!


Soak ALL the bolts with WD40

Soak ALL the bolts with WD40 or similar about 3 days prior to removal. Try and loosen them all before you start the strip - you'll know where the problems lie, then.

The "special tool" required to drift bushes out & in can be a sawn-off broomhandle or similar.

Try some heat on the seized ones. However, for the price they are, you may as well get new nuts'n bolts and grind off all stubborn ones.

Do one side at a time - this'll save damage to brakepipes and the like should the axle move excessively.

And just be gentle and persistent on the shocker mounting ones. They're fragile on any car with this setup. If it gets really bad, just carefully grind off the nut and get another. A fairly standard thread I'd imagine.

Lub the bushes with Vaseline (not grease) before you insert them. They'll drift in easier.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty