Can I fit Aircon into my non aircon Fourtrak?!


hi, I was wondering if I got hold of an aircon unit out of an Fourtrak could it be put into my 1997 Fourtrak Rivera. I'm guessing it would have to be plumbed into the vents and wired into the loom but if I got hold of all the equipment out of a broken fourtrak do you think it could be done? many thanks

There should not be a problem

There should not be a problem with the fitment. Try to get the 2 vehicles side by side to do a comparison. There should be all the mounting points under the dash. As well, its most probable that your wiring loom already has the appropriate connections in it, but they will just be blank. The only problem I can see is with regard the refrigerant used. Not sure about the UK, but here in Oz, they changed from R12 to R134 refrigerant about 10 years ago. If the donor vehicle had the older refrigerant in it, and you would now have to have it charged with the new gas, then there would be seals needed, ect.


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air con

i think the mountings are all there...

If you need it gassing up give me a call i have all the equipment.