Those Braking Blues


Greetings To All Site Members.

I have just acquired a 1992 Sportrak and it appears to be in excellent condition, (inside and out), apart from the usual rusting on the underside of the floorpans. I am concerned that the brake pedal needs virtually all of its travel to activate the brakes sufficiently and I am beginning to suspect the Master Cylinder/Servo. I examined the Pads and Shoes today, (all have plenty of lining left), and I bled the lines for good measure, (no air was evident). Is my assumption correct?

Secondly, could any other user tell me where I can obtain a Service Manual, (Engine and General Issues), and Wiring Diagram for this particular model.

I will gladly attempt to fathom out other members electrical problems once I have a scematic!

Congratulations to all members and the Daihatsu Web Site creators for a very interesting and informative site.

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It definately sounds like the Servo is on its way out to me.

You can buy a full service manual for the Sportrak on CD from Daihatsu Drivers through and that includes everything mechanics and electrical. Alternatively you can buy the hardcopy version from Daihatsu themselves for £160. Yup thats right its £160 for the paper version from Daihatsu.
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Braking Blues Take Two!


Many thanks for the prompt reply, I believe that there are Servo repair kits available from various outlets and I may try this first. There's plenty of vacuum from the manifold so it has to be the Servo internals, (hopefully)!

I have ordered the full manual as per your suggestion!

I will be keeping this site very busy, no doubt!

Many Thanks.

Martian. 1992 Sportrak EFI.

Martian - 1992 Sportrak EFI, Bull Bars, S/S 100W Spots, S/S Side Steps.

Definitely your Master cylind

Definitely your Master cylinder. I'd try a breakers for a complete one, it may even be the same as Fourtrak. Repairs on them are fiddly and time-consuming.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Dodgy Brakes

From your description it sounds very likely that the master cylinder is at fault. I'm not sure if there are overhaul kits available, try your local dealer.
as far as a service manual goes, get hold of Lurch, he does a Cdrom in PDF format, a proper printed one costs a fortune!


I had similar problems to this when my Sportrak went for its MOT after investigating the master cylinder/calipers/pads etc, the garage found out that there was a massive build up of rust on the back face of the front brake discs. New discs fitted, problem solved.