Courtesy Light Circuit

Having just acquired my Sportrak I have noted several minor electrical problems. The passenger side door would not activate the courtesy light whereas the drivers side door activated the light without any problem.

Although this is a simple problem I thought I would contribute the 'simple' fix as I have already posted a question about my brakes! The courtesy light bulb is connected directly to the 12 volt supply, (via both the Dome Fuse - under the drivers dash and the courtesy light switch - on/off/door), and once the other side of the lamp is earthed, (grounded via the door switches), the lamp lights!

I was impressed with the solidity of the door switches and the fact they have a substantial rubber seal placed over the top of them to deter the entry of water. The switch is threaded and screws out, (with the help of a spanner but I have forgotten the exact size at this time), and the cable passes through the sill and out the other side, (under the vehicle), via another substantial rubber grommet!

The cable, (red/white), then joins the main wiring loom that follows the main box section that runs parallel with the sills. The fault was due to the cable having been previously repaired, (no plug/socket between the wiring loom and the switch), and the cable had become disconnected. Unfortunately, and more worrying, (for ALL Sportrak owners), the inner conductor, (leading back to the loom), had perished and I had to cut right back to the loom to locate the copper conductor. I soldered a length of cable between the switch and the loom and sealed the joins with heatshrink sleeving.

All is now fine with the courtesy light!




CD Changer in Sportrack

Hi, anyone out there installed a multichanger into a sporty? I am about to get a 12 disc JVC, but want to know where is the best place to site it. Don't want to put it in the back, as I often drop the seats to load big stuff. Under the passenger seat is a little crowded due to the jack, so is drivers seat the only option. Also, has anyone found soft tops for less than £300?, I've looked at several sites, including, but theyre all a little pricey

CD changer in Sportrak and soft tops


I considered a multi-changer, but like you couldnt think of a decent place for it. I didnt want it on show because of security, and wasn't too keen on under the drivers seat incase it got bashed. The only other suggestions i had was to put it in the glovebox, which some friends i know have done in other cars, but i like the storage space.

Anyway, i opted for an MP3/WMA player instead. That way, you can burn up to 20-25 albums onto one CR-RW from a PC and its the same size as a normal cd player. Plus it was a lot cheaper than an auto changer. (and since buying it i find i mainly listen to the radio anyway!!)

Regarding soft-tops, new ones are all about £300+, the only thing o do is keep your eyes on eBay/exchange and mart, etc, because they come up occasionally. Although be warned, i think most people on here are probably looking too!!!!


cds and softtops

HI Nat, not visited the site for a while, thanks for your reply. I ended up going the same way, bought a Sony MP£ from Halfords for £169, fitted free, damn sight cheaper than a multi. I watched a softop on ebay the other day, it was a black one and went for about £150. My jeep is the blue and silver one, so I'm after the white roof, have to keep looking.

Re: cds and softtops

Hi Paul,

I looked at the sony ones nearly a year ago, but decided to buy on line. Got an equivilent spec panasonic one from scenic car audio for £115!! It was a great deal.

You were probably watchin the same soft top as me. Started on about £50 and went up to about 150, but never met the reserve i dont think. As the soft tops are pretty rare, you may have trouble if you want to choose the colour, unless you offer the seller good money when one comes up (most ive seen for sale are black).

Good luck in hunting for one anyway,