Easy way of removing swb 4trak exhaust ??


I'm having a real struggle to remove the front exhaust from my 1997 Fieldman .... sure, all the bits are undone, but how the hell do you manipulate the bits of tubing to remove them from the vehicle?

I have already removed the cross-brace from behind the gearbox (no, not the gearbox support as I'm not quite that dumb), but still I can't find a way to wriggle the exhaust out.

There must be a knack .... does anybody know it? Help

I had a similar problem with

I had a similar problem with my LWB fourtrack.

I bought the front and rear section cos the old one was shot, my problem wasn't getting the old one off it was putting the new one back on. I stupidly didn't compare the exhausts before i started trying to force the pipe onto the vehicle. after a couple of hours of swearing and tantrums i decided to compare the old with the new and the down pipe was about 6inch shorter on the old one. I had to go back to the shop and it turned out that the old exhaust had a SWB front end and a LWB rear section. Once i did the same combo with the new exhaust it went on easily. my fourtrak has recently had and engine change so i put this crazyness down to that.

The reason im telling you this is because the front section may have been fitted with a long wheel base part which if it is they want a medal for actually getting it to go on. If that is the case you may have to take it to a garage for them to get it up on the ramps. the part number should be on the exhaust, phone up a motor factors just to see if that is the case or not.

this might not be of any help but at least you know its not just you thats had exhaust trouble!


swb 4trak exhaust

good old blood and sweat.
is it removing the the down pipe or separating the front and rear sections.


Perhaps its a similar method as a Sportrac. Try lifting the vehicle and support on an axle-stand [rear for Sporty] so the wheels hang free. On Sporty jack goes onto the centre jacking bosh behind the bumper. The additional space beween the body and axles gives enough to slide the exhaust backwards and over the axle.

Well ... I got there in the end

Thanks for your replies and advice.

The problem was that this was an original Daihatsu system which has the down pipe from the turbo, the flexy bit and the silencer all in one. The silly (and expensive ! ) bit of tube that hops over the rear axle is easy to remove.

The problem is that the right-angle bend that goes vertically up to the turbo makes it impossible to withdraw the pipe straight back. So you try to rotate the pipe through 90 degrees and thread it out that way, but again there isn't any space !!!!

However, if you take off the cross-brace in front of the sump (and behind the front axle), you will find just enough space between the front of the sump and the rear of the axle to get the triangular pipe end-fitting into as you rotate the whole assembly 90 degrees (with quite a bit of flexing from the flexy bit). You can then withdraw the silencer from the right hand side of the vehicle in front of the rear wheel.

BTW, I drove the vehicle up on a couple of old cement pallets to lift up the back end about 10" (250 mm).

Well, at last that's done ..... Grrrrrr