sportak oil leak


hi.. could anyone answer why my sportrak (j reg) is leaking oil from the rear nearside engine. mechanic says it 'may' not be the head that as gone, water level is fine. is this a common problem Unknw and how much roughly would it cost to repair?

oil leak sportrak

it could be from the distributor, there is a o ring on the distributor that can perish thus causing a oil leak.

I had a similar leak from the

I had a similar leak from the rear of the engine, turned out to be the rocker cover - one of the fixing lugs had started to fracture right at the rear r/h side (viewed from the front)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

overheating sportrak is does go round when it overheats. however i can spin the fan both ways with my finger,when engine is off. should it run freely like this Unknw what could the problem be?