Charade Idling Speed


Hi, I have a 1990 Carade 1.3 EFi on which the idling speed is about 100rpm too low for comfort. I'm in Australia where these are a rarity and manuals even rarer. Would anyone be kind enough to tell me how to turn it up? Long time since I did any of this and back then i was all webber SU carbs and a simple turn of a screw - is it a simple as this on EFi?

Thanks in advance,


hmmm. can´t remember. i´ll

hmmm. can´t remember. i´ll check it.

i did it a few years back, for the exact opposite reason, idling RPM was aboot 1200 RPMs...

i think it´s in the intake, but i´ll check it out. should be the same as mine, since i have a -91 1.3 EFI.