Charade radiator


I have finally got myself a darling little Charade 1.3 EFI, '90 4 door model. The car is great to drive as I thought it would be. One reason I have bought one is that I need a cheap to run car that has high quality aspects and another reason is because I bought an about-to-be-wrecked 91 model two door model which I have all the receipts for since it was about 4 years old. This car has new shockers, radiator, tyres, etc etc, but also a heap of rust that made it impractical to keep going.
Anyway the question I need answered is on the Charades whether the cooling system needs to be bled to get the air out (as some cars do eg Rover V8) and if so does it have a particular bleed screw or way of doing it?
I found that the radiator was not particularly good on the new car but of coures I just took the new one off the rusty car. I am familiar with older Peugeots and this leap to a Daihatsu is large.
Also the tachometer does not function nor the clock, is there is simple way to fix these? (I have checked the fuses but not found a broken one or a particular reference to these two itmes of equipment).
A good workshop manual is really what is needed but I cannot see that there is one availible,is there?
I am also in Sweden.


It doesn't need bleeding!

No one replied to my original query but I have after the interim weeks driven quite well without any problems and therefore I must conclude that the cooling system is okay. All I have to do is get the fuel consumption done as mentioned in another query.


Hi Philip, Im a new member

Hi Philip,

Im a new member ad just saw ur post. For cooling system, there is no bleed. u can start the engine and open the radiator cap WHEN IT IS COLD and top off the coolant.

As far as manuals are concerned, u can easily obtain them through various websites and get them delivered to ur country. just search on google.