Rusty Sportrack


Hello all, I recently bought a 1992 Sportrack on "impulse" as it was an interesting car and the first 4x4 I've ever owned. The problem I have discovered since owning the car is the extent of the under-body rust Shok It seems that this car has spent more time in RIVERS, than on or off the ROAD! Scratch one-s head Virtually every component that can be adjusted/removed by undoing a nut or bolt is seized solid Sad The tracking is out, but can't be adjusted cause the nuts are seized, there is a coating of surface corrosion EVERYWHERE, brake/fuel lines, chassis members, exhaust system, suspension components etc, etc, Blush I can't even un-screw the light lenses as the retaining nuts are seized solid. Even the electrical connectors for the light assemblies have suffered and are falling apart with broken wires :mad: The car was sold with a year's MOT, but I am worried that something major is going to brake or fall off at high speed (60MPH!) I think the car needs to sit in a bath of "moisturerizer" for about a month, however, can somebody please Help and suggest a more practical and sensible solution to tackling this problem? I really don't know where to start or where to concentrate my "greasing" Blush Any advise would be VERY appreciated. Thanks Smile


quite a few grease nipples at the front suspension would be a good place to start, also they seem to be common for rotten rear brake pipes


Hi Spencer, thanks for your comments and advise. I've had the car up on a ramp and the mechanic showed me where the nipples that need greasing are located :smile:, I will need to clear the rust of them before greasing though...I will inspect the whole brake pipe system for leaks and then protect them with grease. That would be a good place to start I guess, as you suggest . Do you have any ideas on what product(s) to use as a "whole" underbody protection treatment :puzzled:?

TIA Mike Wink

waxoil the under side! pressu

waxoil the under side! pressure wash it then waxoil the bugger!

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Hi all,

I waxoiled my chassis inside and out a year or 2 ago when i bought the car. Not sure what it does inside the chassis, because there's no way of cleaning the muck out first?!

I've got surface rust on the chassis where the underseal has come off (through off-roading and pressure-washing!) - what is the best way to get the rust off with?? Is wire wool the best way? (would take ages?!)