I just had to park may fourtrak up and walk away! It has been making a few strange squeaking noises and juddering slightly on acceleration, At first i thought this was becuase of the fuel leak from the pump i had. I have some new seals on order.

I got in her today and it felt very strange, on acceleration the thing feels like its going to shake itself to pieces, its literally that bad that the dash is bouncing around so bad it looks like a blur! Now there is a nasty sounding grinding noise and clunking coming from somewhere! it sounds awful and is undrivable. I put the car in 4wd just to see if that would make any difference, it didn't in fact it may have made it slighly worse! It sounds just like something is hanging down and bashing of the underside of the car although nothing is. I am worried tho cos when the clutch is depressed all of this goes away Cray 2 This is what leads me to believe that it may be a transmission problem? Has anyone experience this horror before?

Oh ek!


dying fourtrak

have you checked all engine mounts and gearbox mounts
prop shaft uj's.

Get under your vehicle..grab

Get under your vehicle..grab hold of the prop shaft that runs from transfer box to the rear diff...yank it around..up,down and from side to side...there should be little or no movement..if there is it is likely that the UJ's have gone...the UJ's cost about £15-20 each..there is one at each end of the prop...remove prop (easy)and take it to any small enginneering firm or garage with a hydraulic press and have new ones pressed into prop. If the prop seems ok..check engine mounts..(how old is your trak ?)..never known mounts to fail..but always a first time.Are all gears selectable..if so it dont sound like a transmission problem to me specially as you can select 4wd.
You might want to remove the prop shaft anyway...only 8 bolts to undo..then select 4wd and drive her with the front only..if she drives ok..then problem is with rear drive train (prop,diff).

If you do decide to remove the prop..make sure you mark the prop and flange with white paint or similar so they match up when you put it back on..the prop is balanced and has to go back on the same way it came off.

the shakes

sounds like a clutch problem to me, mine is almost as bad and i know for a fact that mine is a pressure plate problem.

By what you say, the drivelin

By what you say, the driveline juddering when starting off from a standstill, I think it is clutch related. The noise is probably a shot throwout bearing. How much freeplay have you got in your clutch pedal? Does the clutch start to take up almost immediately after the pedal leaves the floor, with heaps of freeplay up near the pedals normal resting position? If so, try adjusting your pedal. Look on the firewall (baulkhead) in the engine bay. Look for the clutch cable coming through the firewall. Remove the C clip, and pull the outer cable casing into the engine bay as far as you can go. Replace the C clip into one of the grooves. If you run out of grooves on the adjustment before you take up all the slack, you may have to get tricky and put a spacer behind the cable. If so, leave the C clip off the cable, unhook the inner cable off the top of the clutch pedal (under the dashboard) put a large nut, or spacer (I use a poly waterpipe fitting that fits) over the inner and outer cable and up against the factory rubber flange thing that fits into the locator on the firewall. Refit the clutch cable to the pedal, and adjust as normal. This fix corrects stretched clutch cables. It also gives a bit more life out of a worn clutch pressure and driven plate.


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