Leaky Sportrak brake pipe


Help! I've just bought a '94 Sportrak ELXi a couple of weeks ago. On Friday morning I had to slam on the anchors to avoid climbing in the back of a rusty Transit with no brake lights (or indicators by all accounts!). A few miles later the brake warning light came on and the brakes started to seem as effective as those on a 1967 Triumph Herald I once had. I crawled home and found the Brake fluid reservoir empty and a puddle of fluid just forward of the offside rear wheel. I scraped away the crud from the three pipes running along the rear suspension arm and it is obvious that one of the pipes is leaking around the clip that holds them in place. The pipes look like original steel ones. So can anyone advise??? Are preformed replacement steel or copper ones available? Or do I have to get out the copper pipe and flaring tools out and make my own? Any help will be much appreciated...

Preferably take the old pipe

Preferably take the old pipe to your local motor shop and they will easily form a replica. Alternatively give them the pipe length but they will need to know the fixing nuts thread. You might need to bend the new pipe to shape so use a heat gun to warm the pipe at the point of bend to anneal the metal before bending.

Pipe size

Thanks for that... don't suppose you know the pipe diameter do you? I have experience of making up new copper pipes for my old Triumph (never thought i'd have to do it for a 90's car!) I fancy picking up a pipe flaring kit from Machinemart for £18 and having a crack at it myself... There are plenty of rolls of copper pipe in various sizes on ebay for a fiver or so. The car is due for MOT anyway so I'll make sure I get them to check my handywork! Cheers Mike

brake pipe

I will be honest and say I do not know the brake pipe diameter...I'm pretty sure it is 8mm but not sure...it is just standard brake pipe. MAKE SURE YOU BUY COPPER..it will not rust. But as for making them yourself, go for it...I brought a flaring kit and have since replaced pipes on 306's, Fourtraks, Astra's etc...save me and friends a fourtune...

Ebay is good, but you local motor store (not rip off boys halford) will have it on the shelf, 10m roll about £8/10.