whats the diffrence between LWB fourtrak and swb

..... about 6 inches

and 100 kilogrammes

.... otherwise, not a lot

The turning circle on the short wheelbase is a hell of a sight easier to live with, having been driving my swb for the first time in a while. All of a sudden, it's easy getting into parking spaces again.


how can i tell if mines long or short wheel base

Long or short

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You need to find out the F number. Is your Fourtrach an F70, F75 or an F77.
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The SWB, designated F70 for d

The SWB, designated F70 for diesel, or F80 for petrol, has a one piece steel roof. The LWB, F75 diesel, or F85 for petrol, has a stepped roof, which is part steel, but mainly resin top. The factory soft tops were SWB. But its possible to remove the resin top from the rear of a LWB, so then look for the factory pop up sunroof.

Im sure if you search google images you will get examples of both.

I did do a full thread on here once that explained what all the model designations meant.


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thanks for all your help iv;e now worked out its a LWB cheers

Daihatsu Four Track

Hello, i am new to this forum but am looking to do a lot of travelling and want something that is going to last and do the business I.e a four track. I would like to pick up a second hand one, preferably a diesel with not more than 80,000 on the clock. I have got a budget of around £800 and was wondering if there was anybody that maybe able to help me out. I live in Oxford but am willing to travel if the price is right.

Any comments or information would be gretaly welocomed.


The figure is 325mm extra in the wheel base between a F70 & a F75, its 595 if its a F77(Pickup).