my sportrack 92 j, stood for six months,oil changed got it taxed went out in it done about 15 miles and the engine started making a nasty knocking noise sounds like the bottom end, (some ones told me it souds like big end bearrings)the noise isnt there all the time,it ticks over fine but soon as you pull away and give it a little throttle it sounds real bad.wait it gets worse,pulled the dip stick out its white, really white,after ticking over for five, steam from the exhaust and a bubbling expantion tank which smells of petrol and oil. please help do i get a new engine, if so what will go in and how much,is it worth doing the work

Your engine has a severe HGF,

Your engine has a severe HGF, and knocking from the bottom end (under load) indicates collapsed main bearings.

You need to contact an engine remanufacturer who will either exchange the engine or refurb yours, Or find someone breaking one - I am in contact with someone who is doing this right now.

The Daihatsu Applause is allegedly an identical unit.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


The white emulsion in your crankcase is water and the fact that your radiator expansion tank is bubbling and steam is issuing from the exhaust is an indication that you have either a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked engine block, which is allowing water from the radiator of your engine to leak into the engine's oil galleries. The knock is due to the effect of water dilution of your engine oil. Do not attempt to run the engine in this state unless you plan on repairing SERIOUS engine damage. If you have stored the vehicle properly (i.e. with anti corrosion and anti freeze mix in the radiator) chances are its a blown head gasket. If not, the alloy cylinder head has probably corroded through in at least one place, which means pulling the head off the engine and either repairing the damage by TIG welding and resurfacing the head or replacing the cylinder head.

David Mc