to wave or not to wave


should daihatsu drivers wave at each other or are thay all grumpy drivers :o

I actually think the answer l

I actually think the answer lies in the society we live in today.

I have recently taken up motorcycling again after a 20-odd year hiatus, and back in those days EVERY biker - and I mean that - would acknowledge each other. nowadays, it's only the odd one who waves/flashes while the rest, after you have given a friendly nod or wave just give you a 'watch-yoo-lurkin-at?' kind of threatening stare. Seems all elements of camaraderie have long vapourised.

And this topic crops up on many classic car threads, esp. the classic MG ones...they have put it down to the fact that many are now just 'investment' drivers - i.e. just in it for the appreciating value of the car, and not the comradeship and sense of belonging.

Guess they just see their Daihatsu as a way from A to B.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

.... now you mention it

You're right, back in my biking days(70s)I was one of those masochistic idiots who kept various British machines on the road.

Mutual commiseration regarding the failings of indifferent big-end feeds and Joe Lucas candle-in-brown-bottle lights fostered a cameraderie amongst the Brit bikers .... even the Jap bikers waved to us more often than not !

Ye Gods, when I think that I replaced the main engine bearings (before Superblend bearings) on my Norton Commando which had 10000 miles on the clock, I would be chucking anything modern back at the dealer if it were that unreliable !


I am a passenger on my pertners bike and he always acknowledges other bikers and gives them a wave and as much as ive seen when im getting windswept they always wave back. I do have to say though (hope i done upset anyone) He rides a sports bike and all of the people on other sports bike are really friendly and wave, its the ones on harleys n stuff that dont. There is i think an unwritten rule that riders of sports bikes dont wave to riders on hogs and vice versa.

I always wave to other sporty drivers if ive got over the shock of seeing one in time but i do get them looking at me like im an absolute nutter, especially when i go to cornwall where thare are so many it practically the norm to have one!

I normally wave to 4trak drivers

.... but the number of times I get the


is about 50:50

I stopped waving a while back, but now it's somewhat embarassing when other 4trak drivers wave.


I always try to give fellow sportrak drivers a wave, but i am usually so suprised to see another one that it has passed me before i get chance!!!

Some wave back, some don't (ones in London don't, ones in the country tend to more so!)

A quick wave just makes everyones day more pleasant I think!


Waving idiot

On the subject of bikers waving, I was stuck behind a real life born again biker eejit the other day, I tried to go past him up a bit of a hill as he was tootling up the crawler lane, but he kicked it down and sat dead level with me till the top, so I had to back off. (2.8 TDX's are a lot of things, but faster than a very large Honda Goldwing type thingy ain't one of them!)

This joker had brand new everything - the bike was an 05 plate, his leathers, lid and boots were immaculate, all in grey (matched his hair)

He then proceeded to fly off for a few hundred yards, then hit his brakes and ponce about right in front of me. All well and good being faster than me, but I'm pretty confident I'd have come out on top had we tangled - like the bumber sticker says "Brakes?, I've got a BullBar" If I'd have really tried hard enough, I'd have flattened him, no problem, but I'd only just washed the truck.

Anyway - back to waving - this joker waved at every single biker that went past him, and even through the helmets, I could read their minds - " Look dickhead, just cos you've gone out and bought god knows how many thousands of pounds worth of bike and gear, it don't necessarily make you an instant biker"

Made me chuckle whilst I was busily rehearsing my speech to the rozzers had I "accidentally" clipped his panniers and sent him arcing gracefully into a large hedge!!

Keep on trucking!