fourtrack insurance


hi is there any where worth a try for a decent price on insurance for 2.8 turbo fourtrack fieldman help cheers

Quote Me happy

Try as they actually DO have very competitive prices as I moved mine to them as very hard to beat overall.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


davewharton and are hard to beat give them a try



You try fitting a winch .... then see.

Yes, Churchill are the best for me (47 years old, one minor prang and the speed cameras havn't got me yet).

I renewed with them recently and asked if it would be OK to mod the vehicle by fitting a winch to the front bumper (and doing some serious steelwork behind the bumper which I neglected to mention).

They immediately went all snotty on me and said that the underwriters didn't permit this. I countered by saying that a winch is hardly going to make the vehicle go faster, but they wouldn't budge. Ye Gods, would I like 10 minutes in a dark alley with some of these prissy little creeps !!!!

Winch whinge

It's 'coz they're afraid it'd do more damage to anything you were unfortunate enough to hit than the standard front end and we all know how keen the bastards are to avoid paying out any more of their profits than they can absolutely get away with, don't we Unknw ;)




I searched for a good quote for my fourtrak TDX SE and found that out of them all ESURE was by far the best. and cheapest.
You can quite easily buy on line.

Frizzell insurance

Yeah, i think they're somehow connected to Liverpool Victoria - my documents had liverpool vic. on some leaflets and frizzell on others.


2.8 tdx insurance

I just sold my 2.8 tdx on a J plate, Beleive it or not, but I got a good deal from kwik fit.


I had lots of quotes from all the recommended insurers,but the best i've had so far is from,try them i'm sure they will give you a good price!