Me 1989 2.8d fourtrak has rather spongy brakes!

having only just got the truck, im not sure if the brakes are just pants or need work! there is loads of fluid in the res and the front disks and pads dont look to bad, alltho when i get paid im gona change the disks and pads!

so the question is are fourtrak brakes normally a bit spongy? if not is there anything apart from changing the disks/pads and shoes on the back that i should look at/test or change out?

oh and pumping the brakes makes them better? is there something wrong with the master?

lastly where can i get a haynes manual?

air in lines?

if it defo changes for the better when you pump it then you've probably got some air in the line at some point...

if the disks & pads look ok then chances are it's the fluid that's knackered, it def gets worse over time - if it's not been changed in the last couple of years then drain the whole system & refill with fresh fluid & take great care over the bleeding...

otherwise could be a knackered flexible hose, if the rubber starts to fail then as you press the brakes the hose expands instead of the pressure going to the brakes, check them all over...

just got my fourtrak so I don't know what they are normally like, but mine isn't spongy, a bit crap, but not spongy...

hope that helps some


If you can't bleed the air out at the wheels there is another bleed screw on the distribution valve drivers side chassis rail about 2/3 way back, mine improved lots after I eventually got it free.If you need a master cylinder make sure you are:-a sat down when you get the bill, and b:-insure the push rod is adjusted correctly. The muppets at the MOT station that did mine made me late for my holiday and caused my disc shields to melt but boy can those fourtraks pull even with locked up front brakes and a caravan on the back!

how would i go about doing th

how would i go about doing that? my service manual has not arrived as yet!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!