Fortrak Door Lock


Hi All, I'm a fourtrak newbie and it didn't come with an owners manual so please bear with me!

The passenger side door lock is stuck in the locked position - before I strip down the door panel am I missing something in the way the central locking works?

I can't unlock it with the key, is the deadlock on or is it just stuck?

I have just the one key, should the key be able to lock/unlock all the doors from the outside, or if it is deadlocked what is the procedure for unlocking the deadlocks?

thanks in advance!

Fourtrak door lock

When I bought my Fourtrak the passenger door and taildoor locks were very stiff, obviously through lack of use as the CDL only works from the driver door. The drivers door lock had been replaced by a Ford lock. Apparently the previous owner broke a key in the lock and the Ford lock was the only one that the garage could obtain quickly. The only snag is that any Ford key, even uncut, will open the door.
Try copious quantities of WD40 in the locks, it worked for me, both my original locks freed up quickly.