Steering Screech


My 92 fourtrak TDX makes a screeching noise when the the steering is turned, & the pas feels lumpy at low speeds,

assuming the belt & fluids are ok is the noise more likely to be the pas pump about to die, or could it be the steering box?

thanks in advance!

pas belt

have a look at the pas belt sounds like it just neading a tighten up


Hopefully that's all it is, I've just got it & not had chance to get under the bonnet yet,


had the same prob when i bought mine, belt seemed ok but after a thorough search discovered the steering pump bracket was loose and then saw the slide was broken, a quick weld on the bracket slide and all screeching cured since.happy hunting, Bill

Exact Same Thing!!

Finally got some time to have a look, exactly the same problem, glad it's a cheap fix Wink

thanks all!