fourtrak not starting


hope someone can help
Had no problems with me fourtrak until yesterday when i filled her up. When turning the key all i was getting was a clicking sound. she bumped no problem though. First thought was maybe the batteries flat so charged her up but still no joy just a clicking sound so next thought was the starter motor checked all the wiring was still connected and she stared (very slowly though) had no problems for the next few hours stopping and starting fine and then she starts acting up again. trying to turn over (very slowly) but only tries once and then back to the clicking. Also noticed the wire from the battery was very hot after a few goes dont know if this could be part of the problem or just me trying to turn her over to many times. Sorry to go on but was just wondering if its the sarter motor or something else. also wheres the best place to get either my starter moter overhauled or a reconditioned starter motor from i live in the north east
hope someone can help


sounds like the starter motor is on its way out, the battery leads
do get hot if you turn it over for more than a few seconds, you'd be best to look for someone breaking a fourtrack or look through the yellow pages for a motor factors, for an exchange unit. hope this helps regards mark...

i had similar trouble, replac

i had similar trouble, replaced battery and all perfect! would definatley go through and check (replace if necessary) all the main leads especially earths from block to body, and body to battery as a previous car caused me no end of grief which was down to a bad earth!

a lot of garages will test your battery for nowt, if the battery is ok, might be worth having the alternater checked.

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have had the battery checked

have had the battery checked about 2weeks ago and was told it was fine however was also told that the alternator was slighty undercharging the battery under full load (all electrics on). i did not think that the alternator would cause this as i thought it just charged the barrery , which i have fully charged again(i should have mentioned i know sweet fa about cars realy) would also like to thank everyone for there helpful hint and have carried out some of the tests you have segested and have now droped her (not happy with her now as i just splashed nearly £500 on her last month for new springs and few bits and bobs) off at the garage for him to have a look

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It could be an itermitant ful

It could be an itermitant fult in the starter, but try this first. Remove and clean the conection where the main positive bolts onto the starter. Also remove and replace (cheap part from motor factors) the earth strap that bridges the gap from the chassis to the engine (usualy across one engine mount). I say this becouse the problem may well just be a bad conection somewhere between the battery and the starter, and those are the most likely two places. As a further test (being very carful) you could use a set of decent sized jump leads to bypass all the wireing from the battery to the starter.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

its defo the starter motor! a

its defo the starter motor! and can be stripped down and fixed! the clicking noise you hear is the solinoid in the starter motor not fully engaging! if you lighter tap the starter with a hammer it will free the solinoid and the car will start!

therefore strip it down grease/oil and put back together!

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Sounds like the old starter motor.....I suggest getting her re-conditioned (I got my old one done for £30 in Leicestershire)

I can remember it was a little bugger to removed, but not that bad.