Hilux diffs in my F75 1990 Rocky


Hi all,
I was just wondering if it was possible to fit hilux diffs front and rear to my 1990 F75 Rocky. As I understand from discussions on this forum diff locks are impossible to get and if it is not too involved or expensive to put hilux diffs in then I will and get some diff locks for that.



Don't know that the diffs 'll

Don't know that the diffs 'll fit in the Daihatsu casing, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't put the whole axles under your motor. Just need to get a pair of props made up & ballanced.

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Hi Lux axles

I`ve seen whole hi lux axles transplanted onto a Suzuki jeep, it was a competition trialer in Spain and the bonus is if you swap the springs as well it`s already spring over axle and you`re up in the clouds. If you have a donor vehicle why don`t you look to swapping the transfer box also and then you don`t need to worry about the propshafts. Worth a measure up with the tape measure i`d say, they`re almost as indestructable as Fourtraks anyway.
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