Feroza F300 EFI Loud hiss on initial startup


When the vehicle is parked overnight in cold frosty coniditons it makes what is best described as a loud hiss on initial startup. It has been doing this for a number of months. I have replaced all air, oil and fuel filters recently but there is no change. It is worse in cold damp conditions. Fuel pump and everything makes the right noise when the ignition is first turned on. It does not do it in summer months. Vehicle is 97, 1598cc eng, manual. Great little beast and my wife would love to get this fixed cheaply as opposed to local service agent charging like a wounded bull.Thanking you

Its not a cracked exhaust man

Its not a cracked exhaust manifold? It is a known problem, but is usually described as a whistle that can be heard nearly all the time. Apparently there is a heat shield on the manifold you remove to find the crack.

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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