werid noise from front hub!`


ok so i have manual locking hubs!

put both front hubs into lock! put it into low 4x4 and they on full lock the drivers side hub makes a horrible griding clunking sound when trying to move on full lock!

it does not make this noise in straight line! i assume the hub is buggered? it has got lots of grease coming out of it compared to the hub on other side!

this to me sounds an expensive problem?

whats wrong with it


It could be a couple of thing

It could be a couple of things.

1 It could be a dying CV joint. They make a constant click click noise when they are on their way out. The noise is only heard on full lock, when under power. It is fairly common with 2wd front wheel drive vehicles. The sound is the same.

2 It could be a dead CV joint (which it sounds like to me) It may make a cliick click clunk bang noise. This tends to happen under 4wd power, regardless of if the steering is straight, or turning. This really only means a replacement CV joint is needed. It also tends to happen more on the drivers side, and this is the shorter of the two ends of the front axle, and seems to be more prone to failure, probably something to do with torque loads, turning radiaii, ect. I have had a RHS CV fail. Try this, go somewhere with a friend, somewhere where you can do a bit of 4wding. Lock the hubs, and drive in 4wd. Have your friend walk beside the vehicle as you drive, watching the wheel. See if the wheel jumps, or loses drive, when the noise is made. It is usually fairly evident when the CV has died.

3 It could just be the steering stop. The can make some aweful noises at full lock, especially with your suspension cycling. look for the steering stops, and apply a bit of grease to it. Look for shiney metal.

4 It could also be within the hub itself. There are a couple of cast lugs, that hold the hub tension spring in place. I have had one of these break, which allowed the spring to displace to the side, which meant the drive gear within the hub was not sitting square, therefore not correctly engauging the inner axle. (Boy, did that one take some tracking down)

I would suggest the leaking oil probably has little to do with the problem. There are seals on the inside of the knuckle housing that fail, allowing oil and grease to leak past, onto the large ball at the ends of the outer axle housing. The seals are pretty easy to replace. There are also gaskets within the free wheeling hub assembly itself, which can fail, allowing oil and grease to escape onto the outer part of the freewheeling hub, and onto the wheel.

Good luck


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hi i recon its the cv join


i recon its the cv joint, second had asm for 65 quid aint bad!
im gona strip the hub out and have a look at the cv joint on saturday!
had some advice and we recon the cv joint failure has caused the oil seal to fail in the end of the axle, therefore all the oil out the front axle as pi33ed out onto the ball cup on that side! therefore i have no 4x4 at the mo, and front diff is dry! bummer!
hopefully the prat that sold me the truck did not drive it massively like this causing further problems with front diff or axle!

everything ok with the 4x4 is it?? oh yes its all perfect, no problems! as always with this sort of thing (its my first 4x4) you dont quite know what can fail or what to look for untill you have the pants thing fail! or there is a problem! but having fun learning and getting my hands dirty Smile
but on the bright side, got rear wheel drive so can get to work lol!
just cant get on the beach with my hovercraft with 2 wheel drive! never mind!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

how simple are these cars to

how simple are these cars to work on! happy as! with this thing! im not a qualified mechanic but it only took me 35 mins, to take out the front rhs CV joint and half shaft!

in case anyone is interested the noise is defo the cv joint, its sat behind me now awaiting a replacement!
what was also interesting is that the failure of the cv joint, alltho not totally buggered it is knackered and only causes a problem on full lock (it will fail anyway soon). It did cause the oil seal to fail in the end on the front axle! and therefore front axle ran dry!

oh and anyone that dont check the rear diff oil level every few thousand miles needs to! mine had a cup of oil in it, where its supposed to have 1.5 ltrs! the bloke that had this before me really was a prat!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!