Roof rack and Bike Rack


I am wondering whether it is possible to get a roof rack and a bike rack for the Daihatsu Sportrak? Does the vehicle allow fitting of these and where can you get them from.


Roof Rack

Being any decent type of Sports Utility Vehicle, the Sportrack should have a place for fitting a roof rack or at least roof bars. If I remember correctly, it is the make Thule who should be able to supply appropriate products and fittings through most halfords stores, although be prepared for the price and having to wait for the delivery if it is not in stock, probably most likely unless you have a larger store nearby.

Roof rack

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it appears that there are no roof racks for the Daihatsu Sportrak. They do apparently allow a bike rack to be fitted to the rear.

Thanks. If anyone has got a roof rack for the Sportrak and knows where I may get one for a reasonable price then please let me know.


There is such a thing as I have a pair fitted to the Sportrak I am currently selling. They are of very high quality and appear to have been manufactured by ROLA.

I very much doubt that anyone has made an after market substitute that fits in the same way as although the front bar is a conventional sort sitting in the gutters above the front doors the rear bar bolts through the hard top roof unit using some concealed bolts that are hidden under two strips in the back of your Sporty.

They are not really for sale unless you want the Sportrak they are attached to, but I am always open to offers if the price is right!

They appear to be far rarer than I thought