4trak gearbox random notes


I thought I would put down some bits of info that I wished I had known before I started taking the gearbox apart on my 1997 Independent.

OK, I'm a bit of an oddball character who likes to know why he's being asked to do something a particular way by the guy who wrote the workshop manual. Unfortunately I believe it isn't in the Japanese mentality to explain this, their instructions being meant to be followed blindly, without understanding.

OK, here's one .....
The Daihatsu Workshop Manual says that you must knock out the roll pin that retains the 5th gear selector fork to the actuator rod before you remove the 5th gear assembly from the countershaft (layshaft in old engineering speak). WRONG. If you disengage the the 5th gear selector pivot (next to the big bottom gear cog on the mainshaft) then you can slide the whole actuator rod out, complete with actuator fork and 5th gear synchromesh hub. This means that you don't have to disturb the roll pin and be tempted to re-use it and risk it falling out at an embarassing moment. If the roll pin is a tight fit, leave it so, and don't bugger about with it !
The only problem you might have is that milled slot in the actuator rod has picked up a slight burr where it rubs against the 5th gear pivot (yes, that one that falls into the bottom of the gearbox if you undo the wrong nut to check the oil level). The burr will prevent the 5th gear actuator rod being slid out. A bit of tlc from a 3-cornered scraper should fix this.

OK, guys, I'll keep on coming back to add to this as time goes on.