Thought I'd introduce myself!


Hi All,

Just thought I'd introduce myself now that I've joined! My name's Ben and I'm from Manchester. I drive a silver Sirion Rally 4 (52 plate) and think it's the best car I've ever owned (the competition being an L reg Metro - but let's not get into that!). Everything about the car is fantastic apart from boot space which is very small, but I don't really use it anyway. The car is completely standard except for 16 inch Oz Super Turismo wheels and an Ecotek valve fitted to the engine.

So what does everyone else drive? Are there any other Sirion owners out there?



P.S. While I'm here I thought I'd mention that my car's due for a service soon. Does anyone know if the Sirion would prefer any particular type of oil or spark plugs? The car runs fine at the moment using the standard plugs/oil that the dealership used, but I was wondering if there's anything better our there?