Cornwall RUPPs



Does anyone know of any decent Rupp's around Newquay in Cornwall as i am off there next week and could do with having some fun in me Sporty. i live in Suffolk so it could cost me a bit to get there mind!!

Thanks in advance


OS maps

Take a trip to your local library .... most carry the full UK series of 1:50000 OS maps. RUPPs are marked like footpaths, but with alternate long and short dashes.

Regretably, most councils are getting bolshy and re-classifying RUPPs to prevent our fun.

There is the advantage with Daihatsus that they aren't too big (in comparison with the other tanks) so can fit up bridle paths. My 4trak was out on Hindhead common last weekend because it could go where the big uns couldn't .... no, I wasn't charging around carving the place up, but setting up an amateur radio station to talk to some friends at the Goodwood revival, running 1950s military vehicles and 1950s military radios. At the frequencies we were using, height and a clear location is everything, so the common, at 850 feet asl, is ideal for Southern England.