My First Daihatsu

Goodday to you all

My name is Ruud de Bruin a daihatsu drive for about 10 Years.
When I started every body was driving Susuki,lada,landrover,patrols.
Those cares didn't make me jump.
Till I met my first Taft.
It toke me about six months to find a taft in quit good condition,it was a red
F20 with soft top I was very happy with it.
But after a will due to offroad driving,maintance was requierd so i did learn all about my F20 and how to fix it and keeping it running.
But the time came for a complete overall,the satisfaction after was it all.
To see you oldy as new.

On the moment I have a Daihasu F25 pickup.
Ready for a complete Overall and now looking for body parts,(water does no good to a daihatsu)