Creaking Move...


I know the Daihatsu Move isn't included in the website, but I've got a problem with mine, any advice would be gratefully received!

A few weeks ago it started making a grinding noise from the front pasenger wheel, it didn't do when coasting only when you had your foot on the accelerator. Took it to a garage who said the wheel hub was loose (Don't know the first thing about mechanics...) anyway they tightened it up and said if it worked loose again I'd need a new hub, but they were very expensive.

Done six hundered miles since then, the grinding noise hasn't come back, but it's started making a knocking/creaking noise when on full lock, it seems to be coming from the same wheel. It doesn't make any noise when driving in a straight line.

Does anyone think this is the wheel hub again? The cars done 34000, would it normally be worn out by this mileage?
Does anyone know if wheel hubs are that expensive for a Move?

It's not a bad car really, you can get loads in it. I live in Cornwall and use the car for work, I can take it along narrow tracks and lanes most cars can't get down!

Anyway, any advice would be great.