Sportrak Model Variations?


Hi All,
Having difficulty finding any info (anywhere)about the different variations of the Sportrak.
It seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong)that pre 1990 all were carb engines so there was no i in the name ie. EL, ELX etc.
1)what does the E, L, X, etc all stand for?
2)Are all pre 1990 engines (with carbs) all 8 valve?
3)Are all post 1990 injection engines 16 valve?
4)Am I barking up the wrong tree completely?
Many thanks for any info,
Steve H.

Model types

As my first post, Sportrak purchased yesterday... generally the more letters, the better spec.

I'm lucky to have an 1997 ELXi

I suppose e for extra because it builds on the spec of the LXi

I found that a used car guide gave me enough info to start to realise what I'd be getting, but I have a question, the manual has an entry for a diff lock indicator, but no other mention, I presume this was an option somewhere in the world, but not fitted to mine.

The earlier models had an adjustable rear suspension damper soft, medioum hard, but this wasn't fitted to the ELXis as far as I'm aware. Comments fro others more knowledgabe welcomed.

Bob (sig to follow!)


I understand the suspension adjustment was dropped in later models, mine is also missing the headlight adjustment, but it does have the bits which tie in with the post94 ELXi revamp.

Some info is available in the what car used guide, mine's dated Aug 2003 & lists the Sportrak.

I've done some searches on the web for the sportrack and "Rocky" as is known as inother parts of the world and got some info & pics from this.

Can't wait for tommorow when its insured, it's just on the drive at the moment looking great! Even the wife who won't drive big cars says she might have a go (?!?) ShokShok


Bob, I'm looking at a 1993 E

I'm looking at a 1993 ELXi at the moment and it has the 3-position suspension switch on the dash just to the left of the steering colunm. Maybe a design change on the later ones?


hi steve
have not got a clue about the e,l,x, bit but i think the el means carb mod and when they added the injection mod in 90 thats when they added the x on the end buy the way they are all 16 valve