Fourtrack F78 1995 - Overheating when Towing


I recently aquired a very good condition F78 1995.It however
overheats on normal or motorway long inclines while towing my lightweight Caravan(Max Gross Weight 1045Kg.) Driving solo there is no problems which seems to rule out the thermostat.It does have an A-Bar with 2 Cibie Oscars driving lamps, could these be restricting the airflow to the radiator? I would appreciate any
pointers from the more experienced owners in order to resolve the problem.

Being 10 years old, chances a

Being 10 years old, chances are the radiator needs some attention. In fact, make that the whole cooling system. I would pull the radiator out, and check the cooling fins in the lower front half of it. These are "out of sight, out of mind" but quite often have deteriorated so such a state they are no longer efficent. If the fins are flakey to touch, they crumble away, then its time for a recore. When its out, give the whole cooling system a good flush with clean clear water, removing as many coolant hoses and drain cocks as possible. I remove the thermostat housing and thermostat so water can be flushed directly through the block. There is a drain cock at the rear of the motor, under the turbo. Remove this and backflush through it. Check the oil cooler coolant lines (If fitted). If a recore isnt necessary, a core ream may be. A radiator shop will remove the top radiator tank and push a flat rod down through each radiator tube, clearing out anything blocking the tubes. Its amazing how much garbage gets stuck in them, reducing their efficency.
Then there is the viscous fan, it could be cactus. Im sure someone else here can educate you on how these work, I have changed to dual electrics.


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over heating

when it comes to towing any kind of weight that puts a large drag on the engine u must ensure that your coolant system is equiped with electric fans set up to cut in when a certain temp is reached.and maybe repositioning those driving lights.