Sportrak idling at 3000 rpm


I have a 1990 Sportrak 1.6 EL which has done less than 38,000 miles. I have owned the car since new and it has never let me down before. Suddenly it has started idling at 3000 rpm and does not reduce from this if the gear box is not engaged. My local garage has checked and cleaned the carburetor and they think it might be a faulty wackstat. They have set the car to idle at about 1100 rpm by adjusting only the choke setting. The car is now very difficult to start and has a terrible flat spot at around 30 mph requiring a change down in gear to get moving. I have been told a new carb will be £420 and am reluctant to agree to it as no one is absolutely sure that this is the problem. Has anyone got any experience or any thoughts on this?

Many thanks if you can help

idiling speed

how did you go on having the same problem at the mo dont know what to do??? new carb or scrap the car let me know if you have sorted it thanks

Try the cable.

Is the accelerator cable snagged inside its outer cable, or at point where the cable passes through the baulkhead?