Charade - first inspection


My new Charade has now driven 7,500 miles. In a week's time I want to drive it on a holiday to the Alps (from England). That probably means driving about 2-3,000 miles.
In the waranty booklet it says to do the first routine inspection at 9,000 miles. That will be in the middle of my holidays and probably in a country where I don't understand the local language.
Must I do it before? Will it be very expensive (don't want to start a holiday bankrupt)? Do I void the waranty by doing it at 10,000?


first service

I would suggest that if you can get your Charade booked in for a service *before* you go on holiday, then do so.

Whether or not the car actually needs a service now depends upon whether you've done lots of short trips, or mainly motorway miles. If the former, then the oil is probably in need of a change now.

Cost? Well, it doesn't hurt to ring up a dealer and ask, but as a (very) rough estimate I would say around £100 from a franchised dealer.

Voiding warranty - well it really would be better to stick to the guidelines for service intervals, a few hundred miles overdue shouldn't be an issue, but if you go a few thousand over then you are always risking the manufacturer wriggling out of a future warranty claim if something major goes wrong.

Hope this helps.


ps hope you're enjoying your Charade - I done 4500 miles in mine so far. Smile



How economical was it on a long run. I am interested as I have just bought a 2003 charade for a motorway commute.


Blue 2003 Charade 1.0 EL 3 dr.

Well, my services cost betwee

Well, my services cost between 150 and 300 pounds depending on size of service. The car is very economical, but I never measured exactly. I can say that for economy it isn't very good to drive it at maximum speeds, which I do far too often.
I also needed new tires after 18,000 (well probably before, but I never noticed before).