exhaust for 2.8TDX 1996


The exhaust on my 1996 Fourtrak TDX has rusted through, I took it to a local exhaust dealer who told me that cheap exhausts are only available for fourtraks up to 1992, and any fourtraks after that need a "genuine Daihatsu" exhaust at stupidly expensive prices. Am I being ripped off or is there a copy available, and if so at what type of cost?

Help appreciated,

mick Booth

dont be like me

i had similar trouble, decided to have a stainless steel powerflow complete system fitted £280 - its going rusty after only 1 year and the whole system fell off in france due to bad welding of the supports - its now tied up with galvanised wire til i can get a proper fix on it - wish i`d just bought the proper thing from daihatsu now - cant get refund either as the franchise who did the work have packed-in and powerflow wont talk to me direct - they say its nothing to do with them!!