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I have recently acquired a Fourtrak. The indentification plate has on it F80/85. Are these 80 and 85 essentially the same model and is mine much different from the F75. I have seen on this site CDs for sale for the 75 but not for the F80/85. Can anyone give me a run down on the different models around the vintage of mine which is 1986.

F80 Short Wheel Base (SWB) 2L

F80 Short Wheel Base (SWB) 2Ltr Petrol. F85 LWB 2Ltr Petrol. F70/75 same but 2.8 Diesel. Otherwise there is no diffrence. But don't think, ooh that's nice, an eisey conversion to deisel. The Petrol is a Toyota engine, so the mounting points are in diffrent places, and the bell housing & primary shaft on the gearbox need changed. Also all the heater pipes ect are on the opposit side.

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Info. on F80/85

Thanks for that information. I wasn't thinking of converting to diesel. I was simply confused about the differences between the model numbers. I will now try and see if there is a manual on CD of the F80 since it will be important to have the Toyota petrol engine details.

HiI have a manual for the p

I have a manual for the petrol engined varient of the 4track.It covers every aspect of the F80/85 models..engine, electrical,body.trans,fuel etc etc etc.
It is a much rarer manual than the Diesel version for sale on this website...since not so many petrol engined 4traks were imported.
If you want one let me know.


Mike - Could you confirm it would cover my 1986 vehicle, whether it's a printed version or CD, the asking price and your location. I'm in the Glasgow area.

Hi Jocky The manual certai

Hi Jocky

The manual certainly does cover your 86 track m8.
I live very close to you ...I am in Paisley
The manual is on CD and costs £25
This is to cover the hours I spent scanning the original of the most boring things I have ever done.


Thanks Mike - I'll be in touch.

F80 Manual

Hi Mike,

I understand you have an electronic version of the service manual for the F80 engine.

Is this still available, if so could you please confirm the costs and how I can get a copy.

Many Thanks

And for a bit more info, read

And for a bit more info, read the following,
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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As we have had to quote that excellent posting a number of times now I have added a link to it in the Fourtrak part of "the vehicles" section of the site.

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