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I am going to change the front discs on my 91 F75 and was wondering if I am going to need any special tools etc. also is there anything I must be aware of when doing the job?

front disks

The job is pretty simple,

Remove the wheel ect and support her safely, take of the brake caliper (just spanners) then remove the disk, I think there is small cross head screw that hold the disk in place, can not remember....never the less it should not be a problem..

I see no reason for you to get stuck with this one.....the only thing that may susprise you this that the actually brake caliper are seized, if they are I would recommend you split them and clean them up.





Front discs

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Any advice on the bit I added about a box spanner for those nuts?

F disks


REALLY SORRY..what the hell am I talking about...I'm in normal CAR mode not Trak mode, been on another site about 306 pugs (I have a DT)and disks,,,stupid, sooo stupid.... (just got off home from a business trip in Shanghai, was only there for 2 days.......wasted)

Right, disks on, what can I say, big have to remove the front hub...tappered bearing the lot...I have not done one personally, but have heard a friend talking about you have a service manual? if not I could email the relevent pages, just send me P.Message with your E-mail address.

Just thinking, why are you changing them? I assume you have vented disks, the limit is 17mm min, do they need changing?




If they are solid disks, the

If they are solid disks, the minimum thickness is 10.5mm.
The box spanner you will neeed is about 52mm, I think.
Remove wheel, remove calipers, remove outer end of freewheeling hub, remove circlip on inner axle shaft, remove rest of free wheeling hub, find bent lockwasher in the grease, punch the outward bent lockwasher up toward the centre of vehicle, undo locknut (spanner or hammer and pin punch/chisel) remove lockwasher, remove inner nut, remove hub/disk assembly. You now access the 5 bolts that hold the disk to the hub from the rear of the hub.

Have fun.


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Hub spanner (Wrench)

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Thanks for all you replies.
There seems to be conflicting views on the size of the box spanner required to remove the hub nuts on a fourtrak, from 52mm to 55mm. I just rang a Diahatsu dealer and he measured one in his workshop and said that it was 56mm accross the flats. Sorry to persist but I really don`t want to buy the worlds complete stock of box spanners in order to get the right one. Is there anyone who can clear this up once and for all?

OK.....If you go here and sro

OK.....If you go here and sroll down the page you will see the box spanner you costs £8.00.

I have changed the disks on my track.Here is a previous posting I gave as an answer to another 4tracker...This applies if you have free wheeling hubs installed on your track...

The free wheeling hubs are held on by 5 allen key bolts.But before you can get to them you have to remove the hub front cover held on by some small torx screws. The heads of these screws can be corroded or worn and then you have your first problem..I solved it by using a strong flat bladed screw driver driven an an acute angle to loosen off the screws (which were well corroded. You then undo the allen key bolts..easy enough. Remove free wheeling hub casing..remove the circlip from axle stub using circlip pliars (its the easiest way ) are now presented with a large will most likely be damaged at the edges from previous attempts to get it off without the use of a dedicated hub nut box spanner.Either get thee a dedicated wrench or add to the damage using the aforementioned flat bladed screw driver and hammer to remove.Behind this is a locking washer..bend back edges of washer to enable it to turn..remove...then you have the second large hub nut...remove in same manner as the first..behind this is the outer bearing..prise gently out with 2 either side...out she pops...if you want to remove the outer bearing race then I suggest you remove the whole assembly which necessitates removal of the brake caliper and brake disc...if you are simply wanting to replace the outer bearing then you are almost done...replace old bearing with new...reassemble in reverse order..job done...but it will have taken you an hour or more if things went still have side 2 to do

So to change the brake discs you need to undo the caliper from its mounting plate and then cable tie it up out of harms way.

once the outer bearing and associated nuts/washeres have been removed and the brake caliper taken off you will be presented with the brake disk attached to the wheel hub....if its stuck ...belt it from behind with a large rubber mallet till it frees may be lucky and it will simply pull then have to split the disc from the hub....put the wheel nuts back on the ends of their studs and belt them with a hammer to seperate the disc from the new disc to hub and other side...not a particularly difficult job..but like all mechanical jobs I have ever done there will be little snags along the way..take your time ..keep yer cool..and you will be fine...once you have done the job you will never take your cars to a garage ever again to have discs,pads etc changed...cos you will know exactly how to do it yourself....have a go and good luck...any probs...just post on here and you will get help.

Wheel bearing nuts

Just to add to the topic above, I have noticed a lot on the forum about the large nut that folk are having a problem with. What size are the nuts and does anyone know where I can get a box spanner to fit? I did use a hammer and chisel on my previous fourtrak and not believeing that this is perhaps the best way to go about things I would prefer to find a box spanner that would do the job in a bit more civilised manner. Has anyone got a box spanner to fit and if so can you get me one? (please)