Gearbox knocking


Hi can any body enlighten me as to the noise from my Fourtrak EL F50 geerbox' in third gear it is unbearable to drive due to a very load banging this is also starting to show in second, would be gratefull of any advice, I am a new daihatsu owner having only bought it temp to tow my caravan this year but I am impressed and would like to keep it if I can sort out these problems, and glad I found your site looking forward to having a good read when time permits but well done anyway looks good thanx

Banging in your box ooer!

The Fourtrak does have a screw which does work loose and then bang about in the gearbox. Not owning a Fourtrak myself I am not sure if it sounds like that could be the problem. But it has been mentioned a few times on the site in the past so I am sure a Fourtrak owner will soon confirm or deny that this could be your problem.

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The main shaft nut problem to

The main shaft nut problem to which your refuring normally caouses you to lose 2nd, followed by revers, followed by everything els, and dosen't usually result in any banging, just crunching of not quite engaged gears. If (and I do mean 'IF') your problem is damaged barings, or gears, you could try this old bodge. Take a couple of pairs of nylon tights, not you missuses best if you want to continue breathing, and cut them into little bitts. Then insert the bitts into your gearbox vier the oil level bung. Now drve around for an hour. The heat of the box in use meltes the tights, and effectivly gives your gearbox a nylon coating. Filling in any pitts at the same time. I'm assured this works. However this is only good for minor dammage.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

AAARGH .... mine has just done the same

After a pleasant rumble down from the Midlands, I turned off the motorway and bowled down some country lanes .... aha tractor, knock it down to third gear, taps open, CLATTER .... oh f... I've just smurfed the gearbox.

Actually, it's not all that bad because everything else works OK. All the other gears are fine, except third which still works, but sounds like a gearbox dog is just touching something it shouldn't. The noise is worst on the over-run and goes away entirely if I'm gentle on the juice. I suppose I will have to drop the box out of the vehicle sometime, but I will run around with it as it is (not using third which is possible, but a pain) until I have a convenient time to do the repair.

Now, the usual 'loose nut' symptom of sticky third and second gears has never happened since new (now done 84000 miles), so I was absolutely gobsmacked that this should happen without warning. This may be something different from the usual gearbox problem, so ideas from you 'out there' would be appreciated.

finally stripped box and the

finally stripped box and the third gear neads a dentist anybody know were I can purchase the parts would be gratefull of any help

Rocky Fourtrak Problems

Good luck with that problem. I believe the reason why they keep breaking down is because the engine parts were fabricated out of different, but similar materials. The difference in materials have different thermal expansions, which causes some parts to expand greater than others at high temperatures. The yoke in the transmission is one of these, it begins to warp over time. Then it warps to the point where the entire car begins to vibrate. The vibration resonates near the natural frequency of some parts in the engine at high rpms. As you know, this particular model of Rocky revvs pretty high at low speeds. Thus, the loading applied on the transmission and the crankshaft will eventually lead to a catastrophic failure, your crankshaft will most likely take the brute of the wear and tear and eventually snap. If for some reason your crankshaft does not go, one of the connecting rods will give, the piston will break free while in motion and crack the engine housing. Then you will have a big mess.

Does this theory seem right? Tell me if you have this problem as well.