Are there any other hijet owners


Is there anyone else out there that owns a Diahatsu Hijet??? Ours has 7 seats and perfect for family car. I joined groups as it appears the thing is quite rare.


Yep we own a hijet.had it bout 4 years!! having a few problems with it though now, but its been ok for the first 3 years ov having it!!Its a 1998 S reg.


Smile our hijet is 1997. We were having problems with over heating since buying it. On a resent trip to visist a friend, the head gasket went, night mare i thought, but we found a brilliant garage that repaired it for £300, some people may think that is a lot but it would have cost us much more to replace the car. Now it fixed its brilliant Smile

New owner

Just aquired a T reg 1300 efi van sight unseen off ebay. Always wanted one, I'll give it a service over the weekend and then it will be my main transport.
My fingers are crossed big big time. I had no idea how difficult parts and service information were to find. But it's a very interesting project if it doesn't ruin me.
It came with a good owners handbook if anyone needs copies.


ive got a 97 998 hijet van

ive got a 97 998 hijet van with a camper lifting top on it,its bare inside but has potential if i can find the original fittings somewhere.
it has proven very reliable during the recent freezes etc.
it has had its hgasket done recently and has a seperate fan/manual switch fitted now.
doesnt seem that good on petrol tho,but it does go very well and motorway speeds are very easy.
id still like a pickup version but thisll do for now.
could really really really do with a workshop manual tho.......

camper type van wanted

Sorry if I ask a stupid question but would you sell me the van as i looking for a small van for camping in Europe. Seriously this is no joke. please email me just to let me know you received the message. Or if any one else has a camper type please email me on eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%64%61%78%77%61%78%31%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%64%61%78%77%61%78%31%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b'))



We have a hijet that has been converted to a roadahome - bought last year from a campervan dealer and have found out 700 miles later that it has faults which should not have passed last mot !!
Now in process of chainging all filters and have discovered that our R reg has done 30k on all original filters and it does not look like it has ever had an oil change the battery was shot (also original )and has been running with caps missing off 3 of its cells
It still never stopped running !!!



Hi I own a bright banana yellow hijet van along side my fourtrak, I'm from the manchester area.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8, Intercooler, 4"Lift, on 31,10.5,15 Grizzly Claws.
1994 Hijet 993cc Bright Yellow!

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s

over heating

can abody give me a clue to what happening to my hijet, we have put a new thermosat in & a switch in the bottom of the rad but it still seems to get very hot and then the water bubbles back to water reservior tank and we then lose the coolant.dont no ehat else to do help.


have you had the rsd preasure tested. are you getting coolamt in your engine oil, have you tried runnig it with no thermartat sounda to me like the head gasket has blown. have the rad preasure tested it should give you an idea also rad presure cap may not be working ok another problem I had with my Hijet, the rad was bunged up with gunge due to someone putting wrong antifreeze in. I flushed rad out problem solve


HIJET Overheating I solved it

my father has a 97 Hijet and it's been overheating, we tried everything, it was doing the same as yours then I took the rad cap off of the pipe that runs across the head I noticed that there was some corrosion where the cap tightens onto it turns out that althou things looked normal when the car was ticking over it was infact losing water via the expansion tank as the rubber seal on the in line rad cap wasnt fully sealing i rubbed the metal down put a new cap on the pipe above the engine and no more overheating
( although I call it a radiator cap it's not the cap on the front of the car on the radiator you need to lift the nearside passenger seat (UK Model) you can then see the cap.

Rad Cap Seal

Exactly what happened to mine and it overheated before I did the same as you, get the seal secure on the inline cap. The problem isthe two Rad caps, that on the rad and that "in line" one must seal to allow the system to pressurise. Being under pressure the water is allowed to remain in the system and not boil off. You can check a good seal by seing if the pipes become hard once the motor is warm, if not then the pressurisation of the water is being lost and it is usually via one of the cap seals. Mine which I have now sold, once sorted, never overheats or gets above normal. Must be a cheap but common fault.


Are there any other Hijet owners?

Only found this site by chance!

I'm a milkman and had to get a Hijet Bigdeck back in 2002 'cos my previous pickup got pinched whilst delivering.

It's a duel fuel,LPG/petrol and is cheap as chips to run, although they keep increasing the price of LPG.

Had nothing but trouble from the start, especially overheating, which the dealership never managed to fix.

In the first couple of years I 've had nearly 30 warranty fixes and only managed to get the continuing overheating solved by getting Daihatsu's Technical Manager, Dave Badder, in on the act. He acknowledged problem immediately and it's been much better, with only occasional problem still.



OverHeating problems - Revisited! Especially LPG models

I feel that it may be interesting to know what all your 30 problems were?

It would also be interesting to know what the "fix" for your overheating problem was, I suspect the old fan switch which is located in the steel colant pipe below the washer bottle has been disconnected and a fan switch has been put in at the bottom of the radiator?

For those with LPG conversions one of the big problems (I think) is that the little bleed 'T' is removed to allow "Teeing" to the LPG vapouriser, and therefore the system becomes impossible to bleed. I inserted a flushing kit from which incorperates a T to allow bleeding a system.

Convering Hijet to France


Hi everyone, good to among the elite!
I am the devoted owner of a 97 Hijet which has been used for the renovation of my Moulin in France. I can't bear to part with it but this little beauty is SO rare here that I'm struggling to think of where to get hold of continental headlamps to change over to. I know that the van was put together by Piaggia so Italy might be an option or does anyone know if its cousins the suzuki or bedford rascal headlamps would interchange?
I have two months to source them before the Controle Technique Test (62 euros)period of grace expires.
Can anyone help please?


Hijet Headlamps in FRANCE YES!!!


No problem, but not cheap. Normandy Distripieces in Rouen will get them for you and send them to you provided they have your cheque bancaire payment in advance ([email protected]) Telephone 02 35 73 12 13. They are really helpful and it is better to call them than to email them. The cost is in the order of 420€ the pair +/- including P&P. You will need the chassis number from beneath the drivers seat and the date of Manufacture plus the type, eg 1300EFI etc. Took about a week from the cheque arriving in Rouen. Second hand are as rare as hens teeth and new Control Tecnique regs. specify that they must be changed and sticker no longer do. It's a change in the last 15 Months and I have had to change 3 cars in the past year that previously passed.

Mine were for a 2000 Model. Your 97 may be cheaper dependant on the design. Mine had intergrated indicators and wrapped around the front corner. I got no where in Italy, the UK offered to get them but the price tag was over £500.


Many thanks to Oldminiman!

What an Angel you are! This is what makes drivers forums so spectacularly useful. Thanks fella.
I am caught between the UK system and the French at the moment - a SORN and no MOT but finding european headlamps seemed impossible. 430E's to keep my wee donkey on the road is good value and considering that was the only thing it failed the CT test on I think I will definately keep it going.
On another note, did you reregister your hijet(s) here in France and if so, what about the certificate of conformity? I have a document from Daihatsu in the UK which is called the Vehicle Type Approval and I'm advised that although my Hijet is a 6-seater MPV it is classed as a commercial vehicle and therefore outside of the realm of the Cerfticate of Conformity. Did you encounter any difficulties with the re-registration?
Looking forward to getting more words of wisdom from you.

Hugs and kisses Suzette Smile


Oh yes we're out here..

Just bought my first Hijet three months ago for my Handyman business. It's a 1995 1.0 litre 3 cylinder (not EFI), it's just brilliant for my job and is very good on petrol/running costs in general.

Parts are an absolute nightmare, I'm STILL looking for a petrol cap three months later! I've tried everything, Ebay, parts finder sites, Breakers, I've even gone to my local classic bike shop to see if they had an old one which would fit (it's only 35mm I.D. diameter so very small). Any help would be very much appreciated i.e. aftermarket cap which would fit.
Prinicipal alone stops me spending £40+ on a rubbish copy Daihatsu main dealer one (they aren't up to the original quality the van came with).

Great van and a great little community here too. I have some .pdf manuals now so happy. No overheating! (yet).


hi i got my fuil cap from gk motors it cost

Oh.. forgot to mention..

Watch out for those speed bumps!

When I first got the van I drove over one at 25mph, never again! I swear I literally saw sky and then road through the windscreen and everything in the back was thrown into the air!

Luckily she's narrow enough to get through the middle of the 'centre bumps' we have around here..

speed bumps

ha!ha!ha! Iknow wot you mean! when i first got mine 3 months ago i went over one at about 35mph and lucky to be alive.heaven and hell heaven and hell heaven and hell!lol

daihatsu hijet.

I have a daihatsu hijet campervan 13 efi year 2000.I would like some form of passenger captain seat for it or a swivel seat so you could use it to face fowards or back when stopped.Any ideas would be a welcome.

Hijet Campers

Yay! Aren't they brilliant? I've had my 1998 Hijet camper for a month and it gets so much attention everywhere I go Smile

I'm keen to redo the layout too and have spoken to a couple of experts... general opinion is that the vehicle is too narrow for a swivvel seat (there's no room for it to turn), but you can adjust the rails under both front seats so that you slide the seat off backwards, then slide it back on the other way around.

My new design includes laying the two single bunks over the front seats, giving extra room at the back of the van for kitchen equipment... it also means I can have 5 seatbelted passengers (3 front-facing and 2 rear-facing).

Best of luck Smile

Im a hijet owner too!

I have a 1997 1.0efi hijet. Absolutly stunning to drive! Its just been respayed and has had an awfull lot of money spend on it! See images in the image section for a picture of it..

Just got some 16" alloys to fit on there now,got them in the shed just needs new tyres.



Goldies Hijet

I just got and MOT'd an '87

I just got and MOT'd an '87 HiJet, just smartening it up and keeping as is, no need to mess with it!

Maybe make a camper interior if I want to go away in it, but nothing permanent Biggrin

New hijet owner

Hello all,

After owning a Daihatsu Cuore, I fell in love with the looks of the Hijet, I was off and running looking for any and all hijets here in Austria. So... I happened to come across a Asia van that was siting in the back part of a dealership that changed from a Daihatsu dealer to a Ford place and for some reason it was never sold.

Soon as I saw it, I was head over heals for it, however it did take a few months to save up some funds and eating less cheese burgers Wink

It's a 2002 Asia (Kia)Towner MPI 6 seater. And with only 3,101.6KL I just about dropped a Brick. According to the paperwork,tittle and import docs, I would be the first owner Biggrin

The underbody was coated with some rustproof stuff so no freaking rust! The Hijets I have see here have been mostly cheese graders, Score! All is original even down to the stickers on the motor.

Ok.. now for some bad, since it has been sitting for quite some time, there has been lots of sun damage to some rubbers and plastics ect. When me and my friend was adjusting the seat backs, the plastic handles disintegrated and some of the stitchings have broke apart, and of course I was opening the right side door.. which was sticky from opening, the door handle broke. I wanted to cry.

So I took off the inside panels of both doors cleaned all the dust and muck from the drain holes and greased, greased every working part. Super glued the handle tell I get another one.Most all of the panels plastic fasteners broke off from being so brittle.

I forgot to mention that the van runs like a dream, steady even idle, hasn't overheated while driving in 27/c weather thats been stop and go traffic, quite zippy in the city and the motorways have been nice, though a tad noisy but I'll address this after a bit.

I so love this bugger Biggrin I'm happy that I can refer back to this forum when I go to replace damaged parts or how to do things. Any ways, glad to be here. Will post pics soon.

From the pictures yours looks

From the pictures yours looks in really nice condition.

I never knew there was such a thing as the Asia/Kia Towner, but it looks like it is exactly the same as a Hijet.

What engine is in it? 993cc 3 cylinder?

Please tell me more about this little curiosity!

If your sliding doors are stiff, the little bearing at the back will have failed. I wrote this page about how to fix them:-

For Hijet manuals and information