Sportrack Soft Top Help Needed!


Hello ~ I've recently bought a Dai-Sportrack (lovingly named 'Dotty') who came with a hard and soft top. Didn't think to ask about the parts for the soft top, until the weather got better, and I realised I didn't have any parts! I am now stuck with a soft top I can't use as I have none of the extras (trim, etc, etc). I have been in touch with a couple of dealers (in Stourbridge and Wem, Shropshire) who look at me with utter bemusement and don't really want to help me. I know there are lots of bits needed but I just need some help/advice. Anyone help?! Much appreciated!

Hiya Sophie

Maybe you could put a message in the wanted section of this site, someone may have what youre looking for or know of somewhere near you that can help. I like the name Dotty by the way, my Fourtraks called Dolly Daihatsu ! :):-)

Hi Rach!

Thanks for that, good idea! I've only just found this site, so will do as you suggested!
Thanks, you and Dotty!!!