want to know more about this little gem the fourtrax


I have joined the daihatsu club, but have not yet got one, my intentions are honourable and will get one come hell or high water, what I need to know in the mean-time is what are they like on juice (petrol)
are they dear on insurance, I don't intend to do a lot of off-roading, you could say I have been smitten by the fourtrax, and will not rest till Iam behind the wheel, but can find little or no information about them, apart from the good article this club wrote about the history, I want information and as much as I can get to keep me going until I get my own trax, can anyone help. robbo
aka (bantyman)

Most Foutraks for sale in the

Most Foutraks for sale in the UK are diesel engined...there is a petrol varient ..but these are not as common. The diesel engine comes as a 2.8 turbo or non turbo lump...although most of em are fitted with a turbo. They are suprisingly frugal with regard to fuel and I often achieve 33+ mpg on a good run...this goes down a little when towing or town driving.

This website has been on the go for years now and contains an absolute wealth of information about all aspects of the 4trak...use the search function to find out what has previously been posted about any aspect of this excellent vehicle.

Hope you get you 'fourtrax' soon m8 Smile

my f70 rocky, is a 89 model a

my f70 rocky, is a 89 model and has no turbo, it is more thirsty on fuel than that, it does approx 25mpg, the turbo verious does not have to work so hard, and thereofore is alittle better on fuel!
however which one you have, it is very vry capable 4x4 and will tow anything/pull the side of a house down!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

fourtrax info

When I joined the daihatsu club, I knew that I was joining something
special, (in the oxford dictionary: special = In a class of it's own,)how right it was. on my first inquiry about the fourtrax up pops Johnbigpants, thankyou for your reply it was nice to hear from you, could you please tell me anything about insurance, I don't want to know how much your paying, just could you give me some idea, I beleive its class 10 is that right??? regards robbo.


Insurance should not be too bad......I suggest you just do some online quotes, you do need to have the car to get a quote..





fourtrax info

Another stalwart answered my first inquiry about the trax,
Mike thanyou for the reply, if all members of this club are as kind as you and Jonbigpants, I know I have made the right choice for my next set of wheels, will be towing a lot, also covering a bit of rugged terrain, (Thats my allotment), so can't wait, do you know if the trax is covered in any detail, say in the 4x4 mags that you can buy, I would like to glean as much info on them as possble, so reading up on them is not a bad start, as I don't know of anyone near me who own's one. regards robbo.