I have had 2 Daihatsu Charades and had the same "pinking" problem with both. The strange thing is the noise goes away when I accelerate or rev the engine. My local dealers say "daihatsus don't "pink"!" but both of mine have. They tried to blame supermarket petrol but surely not every Daihatsu owner gets their petrol from independent garages. Has anyone had the same problem or can suggest any solutions. We have tried altering the timing but still get the same noise.

My 85 Rocky does the same thing

My 85 rocky does the same thing. It happend normally by the time I have to get the oil change. Usually a thick oil lessen the noise. Have you check your valves?

My yrv turbo pinks when the e

My yrv turbo pinks when the engine is cold, on acceleration. The noise disappears when the engine has warmed up.

usually advanced timing or lo

usually advanced timing or low grade fuel, try using premium petrol with some addatives (octane booster etc) and see if theres any change.
also no harm done in changing oil, possibly injectors at fault, use a screw drive with a long handle to try and locate the source by placing ear n handle of screw driver, and other end in various locations, like round injectors, round the head, by manifold etc (could be a blowing manifold gasket!)

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