Engine whining noise like siren - hydraulic pump?


Our Sportrak has developed a whine noise from the engine, it's not a smooth bearing sound, more like a rough siren whine. Listening around with a stick the noise appears to be coming from the hydraulic pump which is presumably on it's way out.
Has anyone else had this problem to validate my diagnosis before I go and find a new pump?

I've also got a horrible scre

I've also got a horrible screeching sound (bit like a badly slipping fanbelt)which is coming from the auxillary belt pulley next to the pump you mention.
I've just bought a new bearing from Graham Dewhurst (see Parts dealers link)which cost me £13.50 ish delivered, though I'm sure you could get it a lot cheaper direct from a Bearing supplier. It involves pressing out the old and in with the new. I bet it is this that is causing your prob so dont get ripped for a new pump before you check, which is easy, just take the aux belt off for a few seconds and run the engine.
Part number for bearing is 6301.2RSR.C.3 made by NKE.
Good luck,
Steve H.