hi jet overheating fuel pump sticking....oh yeah and it runs on when I switch it off!


My brother recently purchased a hi jet L reg petrol 990cc? Anyway i picked it up for him and drove it to his house; no problems, the next day however the preverb hit the fan literally! I hadn't noticed when i drove it the first time but the fan had been rigged to run all the time which gave me cause for concern, then it started to bubble away like a couldron in the expansion tank so I thought I would check out the thermo to see if it was stuck....it had been removed! So fan on all the time no thermo and still it bubbles away, though like previous messages I've read not all the time and not on any given situiation, which lets face it just confuses the matter. To cap it off the fuel pump seems to be broken but can be brought back to life with a good clout of the old hammer! Then the cherry on the cake, when you turn it off you can go and brew up before it decides it wants to actually stop running! So my conclusion is that previous owner had overheating problem and has done everything he can to stop it (other than fix the problem) and has left a bigger problem. As for the fuel pump can anyone tell me where i can pick up hi jet spares? and the run on? having not dealt with a three cylinder petrol before any tips?
sorry this is so long any help much appreciated