I Have A DAIHATSU FOURTRAK INDEPENDENCE I Have been unable to acquire A full length roof rack so I intend to fabricate on myself, however I’m unsure how to fit one to the rear portion of the roof.
Do the steel disc within the roof come out to expose mounting points, if so how? if they do, not is there anyone who can tell me where a factory produced roof rack is mounted and how?
If anyone knows could you reply ASAP.


Having never fitted one I can

Having never fitted one I can't tell you that. However I can tell you that the suzuki plastic roofed types mount the rear of their roofracks on a pair of legs that go down the sides of the car, onto a pair of bolt on outriggers from the chassiws.

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have one on mine

the one on mine is bolted to the rear where the guter is if you remove it you will sea some screws open rear door and you will sea what i mean

The steel discs are actually

The steel discs are actually what hold the rear roof to the sides. The rear resin top is actually in 3 parts. Roof section, and the two sides.
If you remove the roof lining inside the rear, you will see the 2 lines of 5 screws that go up into the discs. The discs have an elongated section that pokes down through the resin. Under the disc on the outside, there is a fibre washer to make a weatherproof seal. The roof will take a surprising amount of weight, its safe to stand in the middle of it, but be aware, the more weight you put up there, the higher your centre of gravity. Light bulky things are ok.


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remember reading some were if you take the panels off just inside the back door you will see the mounting points i had same problem had to get full rack made up