Second Head Gasket on Charade Turbo DIesel.


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Has anyone ever had to do the head gasket a second time. I bought the car in easter with 184k and the guy had the head gasket done at 160k. The engine overheated badly on me last month and was turning over like a sewing machine. I took it apart and had the head skimmed, It was really bad, took off about 0.5mm. I was trying to find a head saver on the net to no avail so I just put two gaskets in instead. It ends up being about 1mm to high. It starts really smoky and lots of knocking and after warming for 20 mins is almost like it used to be but still a bit rough and not smoky.
I'm still unsure as to what exactly caused the engine to overheat so badly. Water pump and rad are ok. I'm goin to check the thermostat now.
Could the timing be out? Can I adjust the fuel injection?
cheers, sam.

Over heating charade diesel turbo

For those that dont know...

The main reason that these overheat is because the radiator is not big enough to dissipate the heat from the turbo, you'll note that its more likely to get hot when its going up hill on the motorway. most of the power in these engines comes from the turbo - the best thing to do is get an intercooler, many out there available from written off GTti petrol turbo's i suspect...
Or If you can find one - the best small intercooler I've ever seen is on the diesel turbo smart car, it comes with its own cooling fan!

the only other options are to get a bigger radiator with bigger or 2 cooling fans (cooling fans can use up to 5hp though)or another one to try is to fill the cooling system with neat anti freeze - this works well on old Saab 900 turbo's - BUT be warned anti freeze is thicker than water and will put extra strain on the water pump especially when the engine is cold.

changing head gasket twice - not unheard off on any car done a few in my time, I once took four attempts to get the head gasket to hold on a on a 525e BMW, it kept overheating.

when you change a head gasket you will never get it on and bolted down the same as it was when it left the factory however carefully you do it.. when they are new a robot does all the head bolts up at once.

As for having to put 2 head gaskets in - what that has done is chaged the compression ratio - its now lower which is why its smokey and knocks on start up, timing mite be out if not you mite solve it by adjusting the fuel but you will have to reduce the fuel going in and this will reduce the power output, not recommended they only produce 55 hp at best. the only other way is to increase the boost pressure from the turbo - dont think you can do this without replacing the turbo.

not gonna guarantee any of the above as I havent tried it on a diahatsu diesel - suggest you find another head if you can!

got a K reg charade diesel turbo for sale in reasonable condition (very lttle rust) MOT is out but its taxed til the end of the month - mechanically sound but it is smokey, i suspect the valve stem seals are gone but it could be the rings - head has not been off to my knowledge so should be straight. No reasonable offer refused!

Kit...(in Bristol, England)

Mmmm... I'm sure its got a cyliner missing!

Mmmm... I'm sure its got a cyliner missing!